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Hey Everyone!

cadencorruption a posted Apr 10, 12  -  funguildMastersmembersnewsotherstuffwebsite
This is our new site! What do you think? Well I think this may be quite a success... !

Remember no one likes a ghost town of a guild! CHAT! We all (or most of us.) love hearing your voice.
We may put together a Skype, or ooVoo. But be patient we cant be the best right off the bat.

So post your feedback in the FORUMS! I at least want to hear you opinion! Be sure to stop by every once in a while!

We will develop more eventually. So please be patient and do the best you can to help! Me, or the Guild Masters will post event here, maybe even with Zen prizes! We will strive to do our best here!

New contests!

cadencorruption a posted Apr 13, 12
Aura, Vounder, and I have thought and talked about kicking off 2 whole contest for the new website (And to support activity)! We have talked and decided when everyone get on the website (I hope that's soon!) we can start them! And we have some nice prizes for grabs!

1) The art contest! This is to get other people active, our gallery started, to share artistic opinion, and discuss other's work! You can draw, paint, pastels, even computer edit! (You can use any material out there, just to avoid confusion.) Now here are some rules (They may be changed/updated before the contest starts.);
 1. Nothing explicit (Sex, nudity, etc.)
 2. They have to be uploaded to the site for judging (The 'Gallery' Tab)
That's all the rules we have right now, if you think we forgot something let me or them know. (We didn't go over these very thoroughly.) Aura will handle this contest. If you have further questions notify her!

We have not decided the full prizes yet, but I am supplying them, and I think you guys should decide.

 1. 35 [Portable Personal Warehouse], 500k gold.
 2. 20  [Portable Personal Warehouse], 750 gold
 3. 10  [Portable Personal Warehouse], 900k gold
 4. 5  [Portable Personal Warehouse], 1mil gold.

I will leave 4 comment with these on them, and you like the one that you would like.

 2) Lend a Hand Contest! For those who cant draw very well, here's you chance! This contest focuses on community helping, guild comfort, member bonding, and LEVELING! You will help anyone of your choice level, if they vouch for you, the one who has helped them level the most wins! Here are some rules (Again they may change.);

 1. This is not judged by general level difference, we will ask them how many level you helped them with, and it will be judged by that.
 2. THIS IS NOT MANDATORY, but we ask that you post screen shots of you helping them.
This is all we have for now, again not discussed thoroughly. This event will be handled by Vounder, for any further questions ask him!
Will be providing the prizes on this too, so you get to vote AGAIN!

 1. 1 [Magic Chest of Change], 1 [Alchemist's Jar], 500k gold.
 2. 1 [Magic Chest of Change], 750k gold.
 3. 1 [Alchemist's Jar], 750k gold.
 4. 1mil gold, 5 [Portable Personal Warehouse].

I will leave 4 comment with these on them, and you like the one that you would like.

THAT'S IT FOLKS! We hope that we carry these through, and  the whole guild gets active in this.

I have figured out that you CANNOT like comments... :D BUT you now shall post your comment below~ We have to know before we can start.
Dusky a I shall not be on for the rest of my schooling. That is like.....2 or 3 weeks. After, I shall return to all of you that ...
BlackSodaz Art contest Lend a Hand Contest! 4. 1mil gold, 5 [Portable Personal Warehouse]. ...
shadowlink20111 you know what. to hell with it i'm going to try the art contest and see how far a manage to go
general question, if you (who ever is reading this) were to do drugs and it caused your dog to start talking to you, would you feel inclined to keep doing them?
mother of god someone actually logged on to this website
......Nom nom nom
i ate burnt pizza...
hey just so you guys know and for you guys that care, i'm back. school had started and i was busy doing other things. but yeah, i found a game in which i'm good at PvP. that brings to grand total up to 2 games... damn it i lost my train of thought
Your guess seems to be correct. Haha. Well guys, (or guy), if everything goes well, I will soon get a job as an Assistant Coach for summer tennis. Wish me luck!
happy independance day to all who will see this (AKA. most likely just silent)
Guys. I joined Resurrection. However, I will stay updated to this site. If, by any chance, we will try to bring back SilverRoseHeart, I will gladly leave Resurrection. If anyone needs my help or a favor, just ask me. Your truly, SilentVampire.
guys. i just fucked up horribly. just so bad that i have been laughing for the last 8 min. just a quick tip. if any of you ever play terraria with me... never EVER let me have a bucket.
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